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This is my part in the event Cast Away, event consisting of artists from Valencia, Mallorca and Menorca, part of the programming of La Nit de l’Art de Mallorca (Art Night) Artists castaways arriving from the sea with his art the island of Mallorca, to paint and thereby revitalize a neighborhood in decline, the neighborhood of “El Terreno”. Event that had the backing of the City of Palma de Mallorca and the Ses Voltes CAC (Contemporary Art Centre).

In this case I also took care of the graphic part of the event, making the design of posters and images for web and social networks. Thanks to Frank Picazo & his professional team for make easy this event.

We originally were going to just paint a big wall, because contact with the owners and get permits is quite complicated, once there, it was much easier when neighbors see us paint, immediately offered its walls to be painted by artists. We paint together a collective big wall and then paint some satellite walls around that wall.

This is my mural on the back of a mythical club in Palma de Mallorca, Tito’s. The facade had a silver metallic structure that once we saw that was suitable for inclusion in a mural, with my friend and artist Hombrelópez, we thought we could take advantage of the structure to release a beam of light, and then I thought I could get inside the beam and I thought it had suspended two lovers embracing robots. I’m really proud of this piece.

I hope you like it.





























Date: 2015

Client: Cast Away Festival.

Ubication: Mallorca, Islas Baleares, España.

Technique: Spray & brushes & paint.


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