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Once again the people of FERMAX came back to trust me as professional, this time to create the image of the international contest to paint the façade of their factory in the headquarters of Valencia, Spain.

It was about transmitting with the image, doing a good job of illustration, had to have elements of urban art and quickly tell that the factory was going to be painted.
I needed to endow it with meaning and intention, I wanted something elegant and with power of communication, I did not simply want a beautiful or powerful image related to urban art, (it would have been easy to put some spray cans with a breakthrough graphic design), you have to stand out from doing the easy thing or the most predictable, but I needed to give it a powerful communicating element and also, why not? a point with class and I believe that in the end I managed to give it to him.
The idea of ​​the roller painting and which left behind painted the FERMAX factory seemed to me a very good way to communicate with a single image the idea of ​​the project, I worked a lot with the textures and colors, I liked the idea of ​​not making a very corporate with the blue colors of the FERMAX brand, because I wanted to endow the contest with an entity of its own, so I used another range, using oranges and reds on a broken background imitating a wall. 
In this case I took care of the whole image, from which I would split to make the image of the competition website, the advertising banners on the FERMAX website and the press dossier of the contest itself. 
I am very happy with the result and I hope you like it.
You can visit the contest web here: https://artfactory.fermax.com/en/

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