Xelonxlf | ABOUT ME
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I am an artist capable of communicating well, using ideas with original, bold and impacting styles stemming from my vast personal universe.

I am a professional, keen on new experiences, projects and challenges to which I bring sensitivity, passion and techniques in constant evolution.


As an artist I have many facets. I am original and have a personal universe to which I resort to communicate and express my ideas. My work reflects that I am sensitive and sensible, romantic, critical and with a sense of humour. I like facing challenges and am always looking forward to them. My technique is well developed and reliable but in constant evolution, nurtured by my passions: urban art, illustration, sculpture and comics.

In my work I love painting big murals, creating original illustrations, narrating and drawing in sequential art and using my hands in sculpture. I adapt perfectly to the requirements of each project, giving it my best effort, contributing new ideas and approaches that make each work unique and complete. Having fun and working hard.

A great part of my universe verses on robotics. It is a way, not devoid of criticism, of bringing sensitivity, maybe also sensibility, and humour to the every-day affairs of human beings.


At this time I am preparing a robot series in a new style of drawing, which I find exciting. Also large murals, urban art festivals, projects, exhibits and exhibitions are all on the agenda…


Sculpture and ArtToys are knocking on my door and I have a project of creating different limited series of my characters.


We design and draw the future, and I love to draw and design.


It is not the technique that matters but the manner in which it is used. What is important is the gesture, the expression, the feeling it produces, capable of transporting you to another place. Experience and research indicate the choice of the correct technique for each project to achieve a powerful result.

personal style

Independently of the technique or style used, my works always carry my personal stamp. I create emphatic images that convey a message, sensitivity, action, criticism and love.


I always try to side step what is conventional and common place, approaching the project in another way, both in concept as in graphics. This gives me original and fresh results, always keeping the client’s needs and requirements in mind.


More than 20 years vouch for my career and my good professional performance. I like to work well, to treat each project with affection and give it my best effort. I strive to improve and learn with each commission. I am a perfectionist.


I am a sensitive and empathic person who connects well with people. I understand problems and contribute towards finding intelligent, reasonable and concrete solutions. I am a good team worker.

no limits

No project is too big and nothing is impossible. Each work is a challenge and concluding it successfully is part of the responsibility entailed in its acceptance, a responsibility I accept as an artist.

My Workshop