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It does not matter the technique but the way in which you use it, it matters the gesture and the sensation that it produces and that transports you to another place. It is the experience, the research, that leads you to choose the right technique for each project. The final result must be powerful.

Regardless of the technique or style used, my works always have my personal stamp. I create clear images with message, sensitivity, action, criticism and love.

I always try to get out of the conventional and approach the project from another point, both in the idea and in the graphics. This gives me original and fresh results, always with an eye on the needs of the client.

More than 20 years in active support my career as a professional. I like to work well, treat each project with love and give the best of myself. I try to improve myself and learn with each job. I am a perfectionist.

I am a person with sensitivity, I connect very well with people, I have a lot of empathy, I am able to understand problems and provide practical and concrete solutions. I work very well as a team.

There is no project too big or nothing impossible, each job must be a challenge and getting it to fruition is part of the responsibility as captain of the ship.