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SOM MISLATA (We are mislata)

Illustration work commissioned by Mislata City Council to create a web portal where we can find all the associations of Mislata, divided into categories.

This work was a great challenge, since it is of those times that graphically carry out your idea is complex and quite laborious.

The idea was clear: “We are Mislata” and my way of representing it was that the same villagers are the ones who create the word “we are” and they within their community are creating associative circles where they develop their activities in each category of the associative field .

It was difficult to carry out, but I am very happy with the result, simply armed with pencil and paper I began to draw people all different, the most complicated thing was to make the repetition pattern and square all the images together so that it worked as a grid in the web portal

I think it’s one of those works that say a lot for themselves, my approach was “less is more” in terms of color and technique, but it was “more is more” in terms of drawing millions of people. Hahaha.

Here you can see the result on the Mislata City Council website and the originals in pencil, sketches & more.

I hope you like it



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