Xelonxlf | ART & CULTURE
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Contemporary Art

This is my most personal facet in which my life-discourse as an artist develops. “In the future robots will be more human than humans, simply because humans are ever less sensitive and robots will continue being programmed to be human”. Through the robots I convey my ideas, sensitivity, love, criticism and humour. In the form of drawings, watercolors, or any technique or support that allows me to express myself.

Walls and murals

Big murals with message. The capturing a drawing on a great scale on the wall is a great challenge and a big pleasure to achieve. I draw well on paper and am happy to transfer this to the wall. Presently I am using a combination of techniques: 10% spray, 90% plastic paint because ecology is important to me. This poses a great challenge in painting. My murals have very bright colours and usually show figures with a message and action.



The use of several analogical and digital techniques to create a direct and unique style with which to communicate and the message through the illustration is my way of working;  contributing new approaches and graphic styles, adapting myself perfectly to the media or support and always keeping in mind the client’s requirements as a main priority.


There is nothing like using your hands to shape something, to make something that comes “alive”. Details and finishes are important, but what is fundamental is the stamp, the concept, the movement and the idea it conveys. Sculpture is more than making drawings become three-dimensional. It is tremendously enriching and complicated. In doing it I strive for excellence, as I always do.


Managing Cultural Events

An exciting part of my work is creating and organizing events related with urban art. I work in all the phases, concept definition, creating the image, selection of artists, coordination, consultancy and management of cultural events/festivals, such as CITRIC Festival, Mislatas Representan, Incubarte or MIAU Fanzara.